Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Post

Well, it has been a little while since I have posted anything. Still not even sure that more than a handful even read this. I guess it doesn't really matter who reads it but it really is therapeutic to me. So I thought I would write a quick little paragraph or two before I run off to the gym. I have been trying really hard to eat right and go everyday. I am going on vacation next week so I am trying to get in shape. I can't wait. It is so cold right now and all I want to do is lay by the pool. That is EXACTLY what I plan on doing! I am going to the Virgin Islands. I checked the temp and right now it is 82 degrees down there!! agghh!! love it!

I was looking on facebook today and saw a girl that I knew from several years ago with her now college friends. It made me miss the days of living in a dorm and having tons of friends all the time. There was always something to do, a date to go on , or friends to just hang around and talk to. I really miss those days ALOT!! (well some of them) If I think about it too long it will just really depress me. Then I have to bring myself to reality and think that one day I will look back on TODAY and feel the same way! I have to make the best of today and not wish I were back where I used to be or even where I will be in the future. Life is so short and it is meant to be lived for the moment. If there is something in my life that I am not happy with then I need to take the steps to get where I need to be. That is hard to do when you are comfortable. I was thinking about talking to a friend about this same thing. We just haven't gotten around to the conversation. Every thing in life is for a purpose. What is the purpose of my being in this position right now? What can I learn from this? Sometimes it is hard to see when you are not in the position that you want to be.

Last night, I watched the movie "500 Days of Summer". The best movie!! Such a chick Flick! I think I am going to watch it again tonight!! Please watch it! I don't want to talk about it unless someone decides to watch it and then I have given the whole thing away!

I was talking to a friend the other day. I haven't spoken to her in a few years. We just kind of lost touch. I feel like she is my baby. I watched her grow, dealt with her temper tantrums, and loved on her all the time. She is part of my heart. The saddest part is that when you have mutual friends that you no longer talk to and that person was the reason she is a friend in the first place. ok really the saddest part is when your baby girl says that she wishes you were back together with that person. I can't imagine how divorce must feel like. I can't imagine being married to a person, having a child, and then being distant from the father. It seems so sad. Definetely not what it is supposed to be like. It makes you wonder if a lot of people feel the same way she does about this situation. I think so. It can be very confusing if you put a lot of thought into it. I mean, what if that person makes the wrong decision then you are the one who is left to find the right path, even though you are pretty confident you are on the right one? I am not just talking about relationships either. I mean what if someone didn't choose you for a promotion and you just knew you were supposed to get that job. You knew you would have been perfect for it. Or what if you were meant to be in that car accident but you stayed to talk to a friend just a few seconds longer? Your choice changed the course of action. It all can be very confusing but I believe that if you have faith it is not very confusing at all. Well, maybe not about the relationship part! What if I broke up with the wrong person? What if we were meant to be together and I sent him packing? I have changed the whole course. I have sent him away to find someone else and "settle". Or what if a guy that asks me out, doesn't even get a second look from me? What if that is the good guy that I am missing out on! What if a guy that has broken up with me missed out on the best relationship and unfortunately he is dealing with the consequences? Well, that is EXACTLY what happened! So good luck to him. He's going to need it! And I am left with a GREAT friend and a GREAT life!!

I can't wait for my vacation!!! I'll post pics!!

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