Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Wrong Boy, The Wrong Situation

We all think we are perfect. Well, not perfect but to some extent always right. I, however, do try to combat against this feeling. If I am wrong I want to know. At least in the right manner. If you come to me with a better than thou attitude than most assuredly my feathers will get ruffled. On the flip side, if you come to me with the attitude of truly trying to help me than I am all ears. Maybe most people are like that. I can't be sure.

Of course, I have a story. The parties that are involved most likely don't read my blog so I am glad to relay the story to those who do. I am writing this simply for the fact that I found out that I was "blogged" about today. That didn't make me feel too great. Fortunately, I have a different outlook on life than I did 10 years ago. Or even 5 years ago. My first instinct would have been to pitch a fit and "let that person have it." The "new" me is much calmer. I, for the most part, try to think of things rationally. (even though I did "unfollow" him on Twitter.) There is a reason for every situation and I need to remember that. Also, I think that I know this person well enough that he wasn't trying to be mean or spiteful. Even though the blog had some pretty harsh blows. But he is my bff at work. This is what made me more upset.

There was a situation at work. My feelings (women and their feelings!!) got hurt and he was mad. He felt that I smarted off to him (I was just direct) and he came and snatched something from me. This took me by surprise. I had never seen this side of him before and I could tell he was upset. But he was making a point. And that, I must say, was totally HOTT! So we had a discussion about it and I thought it was over. Then BAMM!!! Here comes the blog. Needless to say, we had another discussion! It was almost as if I couldn't get him to see why I had been upset. He even thought I made a status update about him on FB. Maybe I don't let my anger show enough. I think that is a good and a bad thing. The "old"me got mad at the drop of a hat and spouted off the first thing that came to my mind. The "new " me lets it build up inside of me till I spew ugliness. That is not cool. I want to fight fair. Actually, I don't want to fight at all. But there has to be a medium to which I can convey my feelings in a healthy way.

So that's it...I won't be reading his blogs for a while. Even though, I think he understands where I am coming from now. And I from him. He vents through blogs, and I vent to people. Friendships are great because they make you see how much you have to learn. And how much you have to write about.

A Friend Can Tell You Things You Don't Want to Tell Yourself- Frances Ward Weller

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